Visa Credit Card in India

VISA, Inc., commonly known as Visa, is a multinational financial services corporation which facilitates electronic funds transfers across the world. Visa caters to the needs of financial institutions with their VISA-branded payment products which are then used by institutions to offer cash access programmes and cashless transaction programmes to their customers. Visa issues debit and credit cards but does not extend credit or sets charges for the consumers, which are done by the partner banks.

According to research, the global network of Visa transactions, also called VisaNet, processed more than 100 billion transactions worldwide totalling more than $6.8 trillion as of 2015. The company operates in more than 200 countries and offers its services on every possible platform including cards, laptops, and mobile phones.

What is a Visa Credit Card?

Visa credit cards refer to the range of cards that are issued by Visa through their partner brands. The partners usually include banks though large retailers also come up with their own Visa cards (these are called proprietary cards). These Visa credit cards are loaded with exceptional security features and come with various facilities offered by the company.

Visa’s Secure Network

VisaNet incorporates a multi-level security to protect the data of its cardholders and maintain a high level of trust in the digital payment system. Your every transaction is verified in a short span of time (sometimes as low as 1.5 seconds). Also, Visa applies international security standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and information encryption during the transaction. This helps prevent any counterfeit data fraud on your card. In addition, VisaNet closely monitors ATM cash-outs to detect and prevent ATM frauds.

VisaNet is a global secured network and is the world’s largest electronic payment system. Each payment people make is verified by Visa before allowing any type of online payment. This adds an extra layer of security to the transaction. Another layer of security is a three-digit security code on the back of every Visa card that verifies your e-commerce transactions.

Visa Credit Cards

Visa offers five credit cards in India through partner banks and these are accepted worldwide at millions of locations. These cards have been designed keeping in mind the different lifestyle needs of Indian customers. All of these cards are designed for your benefit on every use. You get reward points every time by paying through your Visa credit card. The cards can be used for your grocery shopping or monthly bill payments and you earn reward points on each transaction.

You can also set up automatic payments on your Visa card so that there is no chance of late payments at all. The Visa credit cards on offer from the company are:

  • Visa Classic: This is an entry-level card from Visa that makes travel, shopping, and dining easy and worry-free. It can be used for almost anything you want. You can also withdraw cash from more than 1.9 million ATMs in more than 200 countries. Some other benefits of Visa Classic credit card include 24/7 assistance from anywhere in the world provided by Visa Global Customer Assistance Services. Visa also offers emergency card replacements and emergency cash advance services.
  • Visa Gold: This card includes a higher spending line, revolving line of credit, cash disbursement, and emergency card replacement services while travelling. Cardholders are also likely to receive travel assistance, toll-free access to Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services, and medical and legal referral and assistance services. All of these services are available 24/7. In addition, you get special recognition at retail, travel, dining, and entertainment establishments around the world.
  • Visa Platinum: Visa Platinum falls in the category of privilege cards and offers an extensive line of services with an enhanced credit line. The card offers a 24/7 concierge service that is always ready to assist you in any type of situation including flight reservations, restaurant recommendations, car rental reservations, event ticket purchases, trip planning, and other related queries. Cardholders can also discover hundreds of deals and discounts available with the company’s partner brands.
Other services offered by Visa Platinum include Visa Global Customer Assistance for emergency situations such as blocking your card in the case of a lost card, sending a replacement card, and providing emergency cash. You do not have to worry about the acceptance of Visa Platinum cards as they are accepted in almost every country and at the every POS machine in the world. Also, do not be anxious if you are in a need of urgent cash. Visa Platinum can give you instant cash access through 1.9 million ATMs worldwide.
  • Visa Signature: This is an upper-level card from Visa which offers some additional services along with higher credit line as compared to the previously explained cards. Of course, you will get the benefits of Visa Global Assistance, 24/7 concierge services, global presence, and global acceptance of Visa Signature but you will also get exclusive services and offers. Such offers include 2 complimentary lounge accesses in India in every calendar quarter with a number of food and beverages offers, not to mention privileges such as Wi-Fi hotspots, LCD TV, luxury seating, fax and spa.
The list of the privileges does not stop here. You will receive hundreds of deals and discounts on shopping, dining, and travel.
  • Visa Infinite: This is the premium level card in Visa’s credit cards line and defines a luxury lifestyle. It allows you to live seamlessly and with make your own rules in life. All the fundamental services offered in each Visa card functions on an absolute level with this card. Services such as 24/7 concierge, Visa Global Assistance, and Airport Lounge Access can be obtained through any digital platform and at any time. There is no limit of promotional and monthly deals on Visa Infinite as it is one card which brings you closer to the finer comforts of life.
Some additional benefits of Visa credit cards include anytime online account information to help you keep a track of your expenses and card balance. It can be a great way to maintain your account as well because you are fully aware of your financial capacity and liabilities all the time.
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