Best International Credit Card in India

International credit card comes with a global acceptability at various merchant counters across the world. Most of the banks do provide international credit card considering amount of travelling done by most of customers in India. Card holder can spend in the currency of the respective location where he is travelling and later on settle the dues in Indian currency.

The Major Banks offering International Credit Card are:

SBI International Credit Cards

Platinum Credit card 

  • With a Joining Fee of Rs. 2,999, the card holder gets a welcome gift worth Rs. 2,999.
  • The Annual Fee for SBI platinum credit card is Rs. 2,999
  • Card holder can best in class privileged services such as
  • Discount up to 30% on the green fee
  • Cash withdraw cash anytime from over 1 million Visa ATMs worldwide
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver of 2.5%
  • Easy Bill Pay option at Zero Charge
  • With Flexi-pay option the card holder can convert their bill amount in easy monthly installments.
  • Balance Transfer on EMI

HDFC International Credit Card

HDFC bank offers a wide array of International credit cards.  The salient features of HDFC international credit card are

  • The HDFC international credit card limit is assigned keeping in profile and the requirement of the card holder. The HDFC international credit card limit is duly mentioned on the statement provided to card holder every month.
  • HDFC international credit card charges vary on the type of card, the applicant opts for. Joining Charges and annual fee for the first year is waived on most of the card, except JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit card.
  • Revolving credit facility available wherein HDFC international credit card limit shall be proportionally assigned and HDFC international credit card transaction charges are computed on the basis of usage.
  • The HDFC international credit card reward points program makes them a must to have card in every wallet. Cardholder of HDFC titanium international credit card may also redeem reward points s cash back against their outstanding due amount on their Credit Card.
  • Other features include Welcome Benefit of 1000 Reward Points, flexibility to choose HDFC international credit card limit as per requirement, Zero fuel surcharge etc.

The various types of HDFC international available are

  1. Infinia Credit card
  2. Regalia Credit card
  3. Diners Club Black Credit card
  4. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card
  5. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit card
  6. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum Credit card
  7. Platinum Times Card Credit card
  8. Titanium Times Card Credit card
  9. Superia Credit card
  10. Platinum Edge Credit card
  11. Titanium Edge Credit card
  12. MoneyBack Credit card
  13. World MasterCard Credit card
  14. Diners Club Premium Credit card
  15. Diners Club Rewardz Credit card
  16. Visa Signature Credit card
  17. Solitaire Credit card
  18. Platinum plus Credit card
  19. Business Platinum credit card Credit card
  20. Business Gold Credit Card Credit card
  21. Corporate Platinum Credit card
  22. Corporate World MasterCard Credit card
  23. Corporate Visa Signature Credit card

Standard Chartered Bank International Credit Card

  • The international credit cards offered by standard chartered bank are exclusively crafted for the frequent travelers and have the desire of astonishing services.
  • Attractive reward points and rates of interest on every transaction.
  • Best in class rewards at dining outlets hotels, and more, both locally and overseas.
  • Convenient Payment Options
  • Bonus miles on elite international credit card such as Emirates Platinum, Visa Infinite & Platinum Elite cards.
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