Posted on: June 9, 2017

Steps to Track and Retrieve Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar card is an identity card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on behalf of the Govt. of India. It contains a QR code which contains all the information of that person including the iris and biometric scan results of the applicant. Many government programmes have been linked with Aadhaar to make subsidy disbursement efficient.

In order to get Aadhaar card, a person has to enrol at one of the temporary or permanent Aadhaar enrolment centres, get documents verified, submit biometric samples and collect the acknowledgement slip containing Enrolment ID of the applicant. The Aadhaar card is issued and is delivered to the applicant in the next 60 to 90 days.

How to find the Aadhaar Enrolment centre near you?

Users can find the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment centre by clicking the following link:

  • The user needs to enter the state’s name in the first box.
  • In the second box, he has to enter the district or the city name
  • In the third box, the user has to enter the locality or the area where he has to go for the Aadhaar enrolment.
  • There is a small check box which says “only permanent centres”. This box should be selected in case the user wants to see only permanent enrolment centres near him.

How to enrol for an Aadhaar card?

Enrolment for Aadhaar is a 5-step process. It includes:

  • Visiting the Enrolment centre
  • Filling the enrolment form
  • Submitting the demographic and biometric data samples.
  • Submitting the proof of identity and the proof of address.
  • Receiving the acknowledgement slip that contains the enrolment number.

Important points related to Aadhaar enrolment

  • The complete process of Aadhaar application is free of cost.
  • An applicant can visit both temporary and permanent enrolment centre, anywhere in the country, irrespective of the state he resides in.
  • Enrolment for Aadhaar is possible only once. Multiple applications are rejected.
  • There are a wide number of documents which can be submitted for the proof of address and the proof of identity.
  • Documents acceptable for the proof of identity are voter ID card, driving license, PAN card, passport, ration card and government ID cards.
  • Documents accepted for the proof of address include election photo ID card, passport, driving license, ration card, water bill, electricity bill, etc.

How to track Aadhaar status online?

Open the following link to track the status of your Aadhaar

Enter the enrolment id provided in the acknowledgement slip at the time of enrolment and the security key mentioned on the page. Now click the “Check Status” button. The page will show the complete status of your Aadhaar card whether it has been generated or not and if generated, it will display the tracking details of the mailing service. You will get your Aadhaar details and a link to download your Aadhaar card online.

What to do when you lose your Aadhaar card?

In case you misplace your Aadhaar card or it is stolen, you need not worry. You just have to lodge a formal complaint for the loss of your card so that in case it is misused by someone, you would not be questioned.

You can download your Aadhaar card from the website and get it printed on the PVC card. It will act as your original Aadhaar card.

How to download e-Aadhaar?

Visit the following website

The user gets two options to retrieve his Aadhaar card- Enrolment number details and Aadhaar number details. However, in both the cases, an OTP is sent to the registered mobile number. This number is compulsory to be entered as without this, the user will not be able to download the e-Aadhaar. Once the e-Aadhaar is downloaded, the user can open it and print it. However, the file is password protected and the password for this file is the pin code of the permanent address of the applicant.

What are the alternatives of original Aadhaar card?

  • In case you do not have your original Aadhaar card, you can print your e-Aadhaar in colour and get it laminated.
  • You can also get your e-Aadhaar printed on a PVC card.
  • A simple black and white printout of the e-Aadhaar is also acceptable in most of the places.

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