IRCTC Credit Card

SBI IRCTC credit card is an internationally valid co-branded credit card brought to customers and card holders by SBI Cards, India’s leading and the most popular credit card issuer and Indian Railways through its subsidiary, IRCTC. This platinum State Bank of India credit card gives its cardholders the convenience of carrying a priceless card in their wallet which additionally comes with ample benefits.
The card, designed by the renowned cartoonist R. K. Laxman, has been specifically created for users keeping in mind the particular needs and tastes in travel and lifestyle. This SBI IRCTC credit card adds a stroke of aesthetic flavour to the users’ everyday spending and travel bookings. SBI IRCTC credit card brings to you the fine blend of pure benefits and privileges, including 100% value pack on the AC Ticket fare as railways points and complimentary membership to Shubh Yatra Scheme for frequent travellers and many more.
Apart from these, this platinum credit card offered by State Bank of India has several other benefits. Some of these are listed here:

Benefits of SBI IRCTC Credit Card

Exclusive Value Bank Benefits: The SBI IRCTC credit card offers several value bank benefits for its customers. The users get up to 10% value pack on AC1, AC2 and CC bookings as railways points for their tickets purchases on the website. The card also offers several reward points on everyday purchases which are subjected to a maximum limit and other terms and conditions.
No Transaction Charge on the Tickets: Users can also save 1.8% transaction charge on their railway tickets if they book these tickets from the IRCTC website using the SBI IRCTC credit card.
Global Acceptance: The SBI IRCTC credit card is an exclusive travel card and has worldwide acceptance. This travel card can be used in over 29 million outlets across the globe, including 3.25 lakh outlets in India. All users need to do is to look for the VISA sign with the merchant and present their card for payment. With global acceptance, users can travel anywhere and avail all the attractive benefits and offers provided by the card.
Fuel Surcharge Waiver: This railway platinum card from SBI provides the advantage and convenience of fuel surcharge waivers. The users have to simply use their SBI IRCTC credit card to buy petrol, diesel and/ or lubricants at any petrol pumps outlet to not pay any fuel surcharge. All you have to do is to purchase fuel for an amount between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 every time per transaction to avail this 1% fuel surcharge waiver offer. The maximum surcharge waiver of Rs. 100 per month per credit card account is valid with this card.
Non-stop Cash Availability: As the SBI IRCTC credit card has worldwide acceptance, the card holders can withdraw money anytime from any Visa ATM. The users have the option to withdraw cash from over 1.2 million VISA ATMs across the globe, including 18,000 ATMs in India. In addition, you get access to over 10,000 SBI ATMs across 100 plus cities in India itself from where you can withdraw money.
Utility Bill Payment Facility: With Easy Bill Pay facility from the platinum SBI IRCTC credit card, users can pay their bills online using the card. You can be rest assured that you will never forget paying your utility bills on time as you will receive regular reminders on your registered mobile number. All the utility bill payments like electricity, insurance, telephone, etc. can be paid before the due date with this facility from this SBI IRCTC credit card.
Avail IRCTC Travel Offers: IRCTC offers some of the most exciting package deals for the SBI IRCTC credit card holder including some exceptional privileges and travel packages. The card is easy and convenient to use to make online bookings. Booking railway tickets no longer remains a difficulty with this card. Moreover, the card supports a multitude of ecommerce purchase options available on the IRCTC website and app. For instance, you can choose from over 5,000 hotels across more than 350 cities in the country to make a reservation. SBI IRCTC credit card users can get custom made tour packages inclusive of leisure tours, adventure tours, wildlife gateways and pilgrimage packages for individual travellers and groups.

Fees and Charges

Fee Name Amount (Rs.)
Joining Fee Rs. 500
Renewal Fee Rs. 300
Add-on Fee (per annum) Nil
Extended Credit Interest Free Credit Period 20 to 50 days. This is only for retail purchases, if the previous outstanding balance has been paid in full.
Extended Credit Charges Up to 3.35% per month
Extended Credit Minimum Amount Due 5% of the total outstanding amount or a minimum of Rs. 200 on the outstanding amount.
Cash Advance limit Up to 80% of the set credit limit or Rs. 15,000 for platinum cards.
Free Credit Period Nil
Cash Advance Charges Up to 3.35% per month
Cash Advance Fee SBI or Other Domestic ATMs 2.5% of the withdrawal amount or a minimum of Rs. 300 per transaction
Cash Advance fee International ATMs 3% of the withdrawal amount or a minimum of Rs. 300 per transaction
Late Payment Charges SBI does not charge any fee for outstanding amounts of up to Rs. 200. However, for amount above Rs. 200, the bank charges late payment fees ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 750. The late payment fees amount depends on the outstanding amount due to the bank.
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