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Loan Against Fixed Deposits

With a Fixed Deposit account, a customer has the freedom to choose the amount and the tenure that suits them the best and earns high interest rates. Deutsche Bank, apart from offering lucrative interest rates and complete protection of the customer’s funds, also provides a number of reasons to open a fixed deposit account. The option to calculate the most appropriate tenure for your fixed deposit, the ability to calculate the maturity amounts and interest that is accrued on your fixed deposits, the option to choose from various payout options, and especially the freedom to take an overdraft loan against the fixed deposit account.

Loan against a Deutsche Bank Fixed Deposit account

One of the benefits of having a Deutsche Bank fixed deposit account is that the customers have the option of taking an overdraft/ loan against their fixed deposit account. With the facility of availing a loan against an FD, the fixed deposit continues to remain in the account holders name and keeps earning interest while the account holder can avail finance against them. This is a great option for times of financial need without having to liquidate a fixed deposit account.

Apart from fixed deposits in the account holder’s own name, they can also avail finance against fixed deposits that are held in the name of any family members, relatives or friends.


  • Loan Type: Overdraft
  • Overdraft Amount:
  • Minimum – Rs. 25,000
  • Maximum – Up to 95% of the fixed deposit amount
  • Rate of interest:
  • To the account holder – 2% above the fixed deposit rate
  • Tenure: between 7 to 365 days
  • Nomination facility is available
  • Account remains in account holder’s name
  • Account continues earning interest


The facility for overdraft against fixed deposits, provided by the Deutsche Bank offers the account holders with the following benefits-

  • This facility offers an instant credit line that is very accommodating, against your present fixed deposit
  • Interest rates are applicable only on the amount of money that you utilize
  • The interest rates that are applicable on the overdraft are very low and competitive rates


Any individual who is citizen of India and can produce their KYC documents along with having a fixed deposit account with Deutsche Bank can apply for an overdraft against the fixed deposit account.


  • Fixed deposit receipts of the Deutsche Bank fixed deposit account
  • Loan application form
  • Signed loan agreement
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