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Loan on Credit Card

HDFC Bank credit card is more than just a cashless shopping tool. The bank offers loans on select credit cards over and above your credit limit. These schemes are easy to apply and allow you to repay for higher value purchases via EMIs that fit into your budget. HDFC takes care of your finances by allowing you to transfer the balance on loan with other banks and repay at lesser interest with HDFC.

What are the types of Loan on HDFC Credit Cards

HDFC Bank offers four types of loans on credit cards.

  • Insta Loan

Earlier known as Cash on Call, this pre-approved loan is offered for an amount equal to or less than your HDFC card’s credit limit.

  • Insta Jumbo Loan

This pre-approved loan is not restricted by the credit limit of your HDFC credit card. It can be availed for an amount exceeding your credit limit.

  • Smart EMI

It allows you to convert large purchases made with your HDFC credit card into EMIs. It comes with flexible tenure of 36, 24, 18, 12 and 9 months.

  • Balance Transfer on EMI

You can transfer the outstanding balance on your other bank account, such as personal loan and car loan, to a new or existing HDFC credit card. This will allow you to repay the amount with lower EMIs through Balance Transfer on EMI.

Eligibility criteria for HDFC bank Loan on Credit Card

Only select HDFC Credit Cardholder to apply for HDFC loan on credit cards. Also, you can check the eligibility and apply for the same through the following ways:

  • Net Banking

If registered with HDFC Bank NetBanking, login to your account and select ‘cards’. Go to the “Transact” option under the credit card header and select the loan type you want to opt for.

  • Phone Banking

Call on the HDFC customer care number [61606161/18004254332 (toll free from BSNL/ MTNL landline)] to check for the eligibility and availability of loan on your credit card.

  • Branch

Approach the nearest HDFC bank branch that offers loan on credit card facility. Click here to check the list.

When applying through Phone Banking or NetBanking, you would receive a call or an SMS on your registered mobile number briefing about the eligible amount, interest rate, tenure and other loan details.

Why opt for HDFC Loan on Credit cards

  • Quick loan disbursement within 60 seconds through credit to the HDFC Bank Savings Account.
  • Convert higher purchases to lower EMI on HDFC credit card
  • No documentation on pre-approved loans
  • Flexible tenure ranging from 9 months to 60 months
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Flexible loan schemes to opt for a loan without blocking credit limit

What is the Repayment Process

The Minimum Amount Due will be mentioned in the HDFC credit card statement that you will receive every month. The statement will include billing of EMI amount, education cess and service tax beginning from the immediate billing cycle date. For unrestricted use of card, deposit the minimum amount due regularly. Interest and other charges are calculated on the outstanding balance. You will also be charged for processing fee, which is 1% of the loan amount.

Note that gold and jewellery purchases cannot be converted into EMI.

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