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New Car Launches In India In 2017

New Car Launches In India

From hatchback to SUV and pocket-friendly for the budget-conscious to luxury cars for the indulgent ones, year 2017 has a car for everyone. That’s not all; the year will also see redesigned versions of popular cars giving new launches a run for their money.

Take a look at the latest cars in India scheduled for 2017:

1. Tata Kite 5

Expected Launch: Mid 2017

Expected Price: Rs. 4 lakhs

Bank Loan amount (Assuming 10% EMI) Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Rs. 3.6 Lakhs 9.80% Rs. 8,391
ICICI Rs. 3.6 Lakhs 10.75% Rs. 8,570
Axis Bank Rs. 3.6 Lakhs 11% Rs. 8,618
SBI Rs. 3.6 Lakhs 9.65% Rs. 8,363


Tata Kite 5 is a sub-compact sedan offering better rigidity and stability than Tata Tiago. It features redesigned headlights, taillights, spoilers and front grille. Kite 5 has Zest-inspired interiors that include reverse parking camera, a rear centre armrest climate control, USB, Aux and Bluetooth connectivity, ABS, dual front airbags and a boot space of 420 litres.

2. Chevrolet Essentia

Expected Launch: Feb 2017 – Apr 2017

Expected Price: Rs. 4.5 lakhs to Rs. 5.5 lakhs

Bank Loan amount (Assuming 10% EMI) Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Rs. 4.05Lakhs 9.80% Rs. 8,496
ICICI Rs. 4.05Lakhs 10.75% Rs. 8,678
Axis Bank Rs. 4.05Lakhs 11% Rs. 8,726
SBI Rs. 4.05Lakhs 9.65% Rs. 8,467


Chevrolet’s new compact sedan Essentia is based on the new-generation platform (that of Chevrolet Beat). It will be in the same league as Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Honda Amaze and Ford Figo. It will be launched in both petrol and diesel variants. The car features good interior space, short wheelbase and smaller headlamps. Other design highlights include: a 10-spoke alloy wheels and chrome applique around the number plate.

3. Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Expected Launch: January 13, 2017

Expected Price: Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs.7 lakhs

Bank Loan amount (Assuming 10% EMI) Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Rs. 4.5 Lakhs 9.80% Rs. 9,440
ICICI Rs. 4.5 Lakhs 10.75% Rs. 9,642
Axis Bank Rs. 4.5 Lakhs 11% Rs. 9,695
SBI Rs. 4.5 Lakhs 9.65% Rs. 9,408


Maruti’s mini SUV Ignis will be equipped with 88bhp 1.2-litre Dual Jet petrol engine with SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) technology. The car boasts of a bold look supported by blacked A and B pillars, flared wheel arches, large grille with projector headlamps, three-slat vents on the side, rear bumper and chrome on the front side. The New Ignis is tailor-made with fuel saving technology.

4. Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

Estimated launch: in the second half of 2017

Expected price: Rs. 7 lakhs – Rs. 12 lakhs

Bank Loan amount
(Assuming 10% EMI)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Rs. 6.3 Lakhs 9.80% Rs. 13,216
ICICI Rs. 6.3 Lakhs 10.75% Rs. 13,498
Axis Bank Rs. 6.3 Lakhs 11% Rs. 13,573
SBI Rs. 6.3 Lakhs 9.65% Rs. 13,171


Maruti Suzuki is going to relaunch S-Cross, equipped with Suzuki’s 1.4 litre booster jet petrol engine. The front end of the car will include updated interiors, all new upright grilles with vertical slats, new projector headlamps and redesigned bumper.

5. Volkswagen Passat GTE

Estimated launch: January 2017

Expected price: Rs. 20 lakhs – Rs. 25 lakhs

Bank Loan amount
(Assuming 10% EMI)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Rs. 18 lakhs 9.80% Rs. 37,759
ICICI Rs. 18 lakhs 10.75% Rs. 38,567
Axis Bank Rs. 18 lakhs 11% Rs. 38,781
SBI Rs. 18 lakhs 9.65% Rs. 37,633


The much-awaited Volkswagen Passat GTE is all set to enter the Indian automobile market in 2017. The hybrid version of the car will be equipped with Volkswagen’s E hybrid technology along with a 1.4L TFSI petrol engine combined with an electric motor. The front fascia includes chrome finish C shaped fog lamps, LED headlamps with dynamic Light Assist. With a luggage space of 586 litres and tweaked infotainment system, the car will surely ease the long drives.

6. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Estimated launch: March 2017
Expected price: Rs. 25 lakhs – Rs. 28 lakhs

Bank Loan amount
(Assuming 10% EMI)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Rs. 22.5 lakhs 9.80% Rs. 47,199
ICICI Rs. 22.5 lakhs 10.75% Rs. 48,209
Axis Bank Rs. 22.5 lakhs 11% Rs. 48,476
SBI Rs. 22.5 lakhs 9.65% Rs. 47,041


This SUV from Mitsubishi will feature automatic gearbox, monotone colour schemes, autonomous braking and descent control. The front fascia will have a dashboard with a cascading centre control and leather covers for seats. The cabin will be likely to get an electronic hand-brake, touchscreen infotainment system, four-spoke multifunction, seven airbags and 360 degree camera.

7. Jeep Compass

Expected Launch: Late-2017
Expected Price: Rs. 25 lakhs – Rs. 30 lakhs

Bank Loan amount
(Assuming 10% EMI)
Interest Rate EMI for 5 years
HDFC Rs.22.5 lakhs 9.80% Rs.47,199
ICICI Rs.22.5 lakhs 10.75% Rs.48,209
Axis Bank Rs.22.5 lakhs 11% Rs.48,476
SBI Rs.22.5 lakhs 9.65% Rs.47,041


After entering the market last year with Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep will introduce a new SUV in the second half of 2017. The Compass has got the classic “Jeep” look, and is available in both petrol and diesel variants. It will also be suitable for off road driving, given that it will be equipped with Trailhawk configuration. Compass will also offer several safety features, such as backup camera, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and forward collision warning.

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