Peerless Mutual Fund

Peerless Mutual Fund: Overview

Peerless Funds Management Company Limited (PFMCL) is a subsidiary of The Peerless General insurance and Investment Company Limited (PGFI). This was the first investment management company established in the eastern region and is headquartered at Kolkata. Peerless Funds Management Company Limited is a public limited company.

Peerless Mutual Funds was established as a trust on 4th Aug, 2009 with the provisions of the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 with Peerless General Finance and Investment Company Limited (PGFI), as the sponsor, and Peerless Trust Management Company Limited as the trustee. Peerless Mutual fund is a SEBI Registered Mutual Fund Company and was registered on the 4th of December, 2009.

Management Team of Peerless Mutual Funds Include Mr. Rajiv Shastri as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Killol P. Pandya as Head of Fixed Income, Mr. Amit Nigam as Head of Equities, Mr. Vikram Jaidev Pamnani as Fund Manager of Fixed Income, Mr. Suresh Ranout as Strategy Head of Nation (West & South Zone), Mr. Debtjit Guha as Head of East Zone, Mr. S. Swaminathan as Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Vilas Solanki as Head of Operations & Customer Service, Mr. Rupen Shah as Head of Information Technology and Telecom along with Mr. Manoj Kumar Bajoria as Head of Compliance and Company Secretary.

Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds

  • Mutual Funds are SEBI regulated investment options and which save investors from any fraud activities.
  • If the securities are held by the investor for more than 1 year, the dividends earned are tax free.
  • Generally Mutual Funds feature a 3 day liquidation policy and some of the mutual funds with special class of liquidity also allow you to liquidate overnight.
  • Easy Investing and redemption is allowed in case of Peerless Mutual Funds.
  • The portfolio maintained is made by analyzing the risk and the return. Investor should get optimum returns without compromising on the risk aspect.
  • Peerless Mutual Funds also gives investors the advantage of the Systematic Investment Planning option with the help of which an investor can invest some part of his monthly income in mutual funds and over time he will earn high returns on his savings.
  • Complete Transparency is maintained in Peerless Mutual Funds as timely reports are published for the users. That way, the investor will know where the money is being invested by the company and the estimated returns that may be obtained on the investments made.

Types of Funds

Equity Schemes

In these types of schemes, money is invested in various stocks i.e. company equities. They are also called as Stock Funds or Stock Schemes. These types of schemes often feature a high level of risk but can give highest the Return on Investments i.e. capital appreciation because of mainly investing the shareholders’ money in the equities and equity-related schemes. These types of schemes are preferred by the investors who invest for longer time periods. These types of schemes can potentially give returns that are much higher than run-of-the-mill debt or hybrid funds. 

Fixed Income Funds

These funds invest money in fixed income securities like corporate debentures, government bonds, government securities and other money market securities having low risk with fixed income which serve as a smart option to invest and diversify our portfolio. These types of securities help investors when the market is over volatile and investing in the equities is confusing.

Money Market Funds

Sometimes a person left with surplus money for a small period of time and the investor either leaves it in his bank account or puts it in a Fixed Deposit which usually does not give much advantage. Investing in money market funds will give better returns with the advantage of instant liquidity of funds in case you decide to get your investment converted to cash.

Key Mutual Fund Schemes offered by Peerless Mutual Funds

Fund Name

Fund Highlights

Peerless Liquid Fund – Retail Plan – Growth

Open-Ended Liquid Scheme, Income over Short Term, Invests in Debt & Money Market Securities

Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund – Retail Plan – Growth

Open-Ended Debt Scheme, Income over Short Term, Invests in Money Market and Short Term Debts

Peerless Income Plus Fund –Growth

Open-Ended Debt Scheme, Income over Short to Long Term, Invests in High quality Fixed Income Securities, Marginal Exposure to Equity & Related Instruments

Peerless Short Term Fund – Growth

Open-Ended Debt Scheme, Income over Short to Medium Term, Invests in Debt & Money Market Instruments

Peerless 3 in 1 Fund-Growth

Open-Ended Hybrid Scheme, Long Term Capital Appreciation, Invests in Fixed Income Securities, Equity & Related instruments, Gold Exchange Traded Funds and Gold Related Instruments

Peerless Equity Fund – Growth

Open-Ended Equity Scheme, Long Term Capital Appreciation, Invests in Equity & Related Securities in Diversified Sectored Portfolio

Peerless Midcap Fund – Growth

Open-Ended Equity Scheme, Short to Long Term Capital Appreciation, Invests in Equity & Related Securities of Midcap Companies, Traded on Niche and Focused Business types

Peerless Long Term Advantage Fund – Growth

Open-End ELSS Scheme, Long Term Capital Appreciation, Invests in Equity & Related Securities, Tax Benefit Under Section 80C, High Liquidity

Peerless Flexible Income Fund -  Growth

Open-End Debt Scheme, Medium to Long-Term Income, Invests in Debt Instruments like debentures, bonds, g-secs, and other money market instruments

Fund Managers

Mr. Killol P. Pandya

Mr. Killol P. Pandya has a Masters Degree in Financial Management from K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research. He also has a Diploma in Capital Markets from The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI).Currently he is working as Head of Fixed Income with Peerless Mutual Funds. He has over 17 years of experience in the finance field. Before joining Peerless Mutual Funds, he was associated with LIC Nomura Mutual Funds as the Senior Fund Manager of Debt and was handling the liquid and the fixed income funds. He was also in the team of managing and creating the concept for the first G-Sec Exchange Traded Fund in India. Before LIC Nomura Mutual Fund he also worked with Daiwa and SBI Mutual Funds.

Funds Managed by Mr. Killol P Pandya

  • Peerless Income Plus Fund (Debt Portion)
  • Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund
  • Peerless Short Term Fund
  • Peerless 3 in 1 Fund (Debt Portion)
  • Peerless Flexible Income Fund

Mr. Amit Nigam

Mr. Amit Nigam has a B.E. from IIT Roorkee with specialization in Mechanical Engineering and also a PGDM from IIM Indore. Currently he is appointed as Head of Equities in Peerless Mutual Funds. He has total experience of 17 years in the finance domain. He has already proven himself in the research and portfolio management of cash equities. Before working with Peerless Mutual Funds, he was working with BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Mumbai as Senior Equity Portfolio Manager. Before that he was working as a Senior Equity Portfolio Manager at BNP Paribas Mutual Fund where he is managing Equity Schemes in the domestic market. He worked as an Equity Research Analyst with SBI Mutual Funds where he was tracking and managing multiple sectors and also worked with Reliance Industries Limited as a Mechanical Engineer.

Funds Managed by Mr. Amit Nigam:

  • Peerless Income Plus Fund (Equity Portion)
  • Peerless 3 in 1 Fund (Equity, Gold ETFs and Gold Related Insruments)
  • Peerless Equity Fund
  • Peerless Long Term Advantage Fund
  • Peerless Midcap Fund

Mr. Vikram Jaidev Pamnani

Mr. Pamnani completed his Post Graduation Diploma in Management with Finance Specialization from SIES College of Management Studies. He has a total of 7 years of industry experience. Currently he is the fund manager of Fixed Income in Peerless Mutual Funds. Prior to this, he was working with Canara Robeco Mutual Funds as Fixed Income Trader. He has also worked as Documentary Credit Analyst with Deutsche Bank.

Funds Managed by Mr. Vikram Jaidev Pamnani:

  • Peerless Liquid Fund
  • Peerless Ultra Short Term Fund

How to Buy on made buying mutual fund very simple and convenient. Anyone having smartphone can easily download the Paisabazaar app and get started with online investments. After opening the app, the investor has to enter his phone no. to verify with the OTP and then from the options showing on the dashboard he/she has to click on the mutual funds to start online investments. Then investor has to fill personal details like Investor Type, Name, PAN Card number etc. Then on the next screen investor have to fill contact details and after that fill the bank details and some other details on the very easy to use user interface. Then the app will show the mutual funds by which investor can compare the different Peerless Mutual funds and can buy according to the need or goal that was set earlier. or the Paisabazaar app will not charge you anything for these mutual fund scheme purchases.

In the today’s scenario when the earning money is a tough job either for business and working professionals, investing our money the right way is a big challenge for everyone. We all learn from childhood to save for our future and to do that we need various market instruments to invest in. Fixed Deposit and Recurring Deposit are the most common products to invest with the banks. But to earn higher returns that keep pace with the market inflation, it is necessary to invest in equities, debt or mutual funds. Many of the investors have no knowledge about the equities market and for them, investing in equities is a big “NO”. For them, mutual funds are a great option to get their money invested in equities and debt instruments by experts called fund managers. They can predict the market more wisely and can invest their money in a diversified portfolio which is hardly possible in case you are investing by yourself. Fund Managers invest from the pool of money available with the mutual funds company and they are professionals who track the market closely and know how to get high returns from the market with calculated risk.

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