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DSP Small Cap Direct Plan-Growth DSP Small Cap Direct Plan-Growth DSP Small Cap Direct Plan-Growth DSP Small Cap Direct Plan-Growth - Get latest updates on NAV, Dividends, Returns, Performance, Risks & Portfolio. Invest now! Paisabazaar INR 1000 1 rating rating rating rating rating DSP Small Cap Direct Plan-Growth 3 5

Equity Small Cap


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5 Yrs CAGR returns


NAV as on 03 Feb

₹ 61.26 by 0.98 ( 2.09%)

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Fund Size (Cr)

₹ 5272.86

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₹ 10,27,000
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₹ 9,91,000

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investment objective

The aim of the fund is to seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio that is substantially constitutes of stocks of small cap companies.

Tax Implications

Returns are taxed at 15%, if you redeem before one year. After 1 year, you are required to pay LTCG tax of 10% on returns of Rs 1 lakh+ in a financial year.

Top Holdings
Top 10 Sectors %
Chemicals 78.87
Automobile 43.48
Health Care 41.82
Textiles 39.78
Metals 35.45
Construction 34.01
Financial 27.61
Others 22.38
Engineering 18.06
FMCG 17.23
Top 10 Sectors %
Others 7.76
Others 6.49
Drugs & Pharma 6.24
Drugs & Pharma 5.92
Others 5.16
Dyes & Pigments 4.98
Dyes & Pigments 4.89
Dyes & Pigments 4.72
Drugs & Pharma 4.71
Dyes & Pigments 4.64
Fund house details
Fund House DSP Mutual Fund
Fund Manager Resham Jain
Fund Setup Date 01 Jan 2013
Address NATRAJ, Office No. 302-3rd Floor-Plot No. 194, MV Road Junction Western Express Highway, Andheri East
Contact 022-66178000
Email ID
More About This Fund

About DSP Small Cap Fund

This is an open-ended Equity Mutual Fund which has a major portion of its assets allocated into equities and equity related instruments/stocks of small-cap companies. DSP Small Cap Fund has been performing consistently in its category as its portfolio has a record of allocations made into high-performing companies.

This fund will help you reach your long-term capital escalation goal and get decent returns with the assistance of an efficient management and their competitive approach.

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The fund predominantly invests in Chemicals, Textiles and Construction sectors. The companies under the top holdings are: Atul Limited, IPCA Laboratories Ltd., DCB Bank Ltd., SRF Ltd., APL Apollo Tubes Ltd. etc. The latest NAV of the Mutual Fund is recorded as 51.66 Crores followed by 91.51% of assets allocated into equities and the remainder into Cash & Cash Equivalents.

Who Should Invest in this Fund?

  • If you are an investor with high risk appetite, you can opt for this fund. It is hard to find dividends in small-cap funds because small-cap companies often reinvest their profits on expansion of businesses. You can consider investing into large-cap funds such as Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund or Axis Bluechip Fund which gives decent returns with minimal risks
  • You can invest in DSP small cap fund if you are seeking a long-term investment option. It is advised that individuals must keep the assets invested in the scheme for at least 5 years to get satisfactory returns
  • Investors who want to earn decent returns by allocating assets into high-potential companies and efficient management should consider investing in this fund

Will You Pay Tax?

  • In case the units of the scheme are not sold or redeemed within 1 year of investment, Capital Gains up to Rs. 1 lakh are exempted from tax payments. And, Capital gains above 1 lakh are taxed 10%
  • If the units of mutual fund are sold or redeemed before completion of 1 year of investment, 15% tax is imposed on the entire amount of gains

For an example:

If an investor has made a capital gain of ₹50000 on investment in an equity fund, Short Term Capital Gains Tax of 15% would be levied if s/he withdraws the amount within one year of investment. The payable tax would be ₹7500.

Also, if an investor has made a capital gain of ₹1.5 lakh on investment in an equity fund, and withdraws the amount after 1 year of investment, Long Term Capital Gains Tax of 10% would be levied on ₹50000. ₹1Lakh is exempted from taxation. The payable tax would be ₹5000.

How to Invest in DSP Small Cap Using Paisabazaar?

Given below are the steps to get started with your SIP or Lump Sum investment into DSP SMall Cap Fund:

  • First, Log-in or Signup to
  • Go to Investments in the Menu Bar and click on ‘Mutual Funds’
  • Now, Scroll to ‘Small-Cap Funds’
  • After that, Start a manual search for ‘DSP Small Cap Fund’
  • Read all the details and terms of the Fund carefully
  • Select lump sum or SIP as your investment option and proceed

Why You Should Choose

  • It is a trusted website for its financial services
  • No commissions or hidden charges applied
  • Investors are not asked to indulge into any kind of paperwork
  • Allows the users to compare more than 1500 Mutual Funds under one roof and saves them from visiting multiple websites for each AMC
  • Easy Access to different categories of funds- ELSS, Hybrid, Equity, Debt etc
  • Important scheme details such as latest Net Asset Value (NAV), expense ratio, assets under management, etc are also available on the portal, making it easier for consumers to pick a suitable fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the entry load for DSP Small Cap Fund?
A. There is no applicable entry load for the aforementioned fund.

Q. Can I invest through SIP?
A. Yes, you can start your investments in this fund with a nominal cost of Rs.500 via SIP. Systematic Investment Plans help you offset short-term risks from market fluctuations, gain advantages from the power of compounding and rupee cost averaging.

Q. What is the suggested investment horizon for this fund?
As the underlying equity investment of this fund is sensitive to market fluctuations, it is advisable to stay invested for at least 3 years, for substantial capital appreciation.

Q. How are returns from the fund Taxed?
If returns are withdrawn before one year of investment, Short Term Capital Gains Tax of 15% is levied. Long Term Capital Gains Tax above capital gains of ₹1 lakh is levied on returns withdrawn after 1 year of investment.

Q. What is the exit load for DSP Small Cap Fund?
A. If an investor redeems the purchased units within 1 year of allotment of units, an exit load of 1% is payable by the investor. However, no exit load is levied for redemption of units after 1 year of purchase.

Q. Who manages this fund? What is his investment strategy?
This fund is managed by Vinit Sambre, Resham Jain and Jay Kothari. Both of them are professional managers with no less than 10 years of experience in portfolio defining. To achieve favourable portfolio construction, the managers further seek participation in other equity securities as well.