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FULLERTON INDIA, since its inception in 2007 has been fulfilling dreams and requirement of many customers. With a span of over 400 branches across over 600 towns across India, Fullerton India is one of the prominent Non- Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in Indian Loan market.

The product range offered by Fullerton India is both diversified and exclusively designed to meet the requirements for personal loans of consumer depending on the nature of requirement.  The bouquets of product offered are financing of loans for commercial vehicles, home improvement loans, SME, two-wheelers, , personal loans, loans against property, etc.

Fullerton India Credit Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fullerton Financial Holdings Pte. Ltd. which is an owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Fullerton Financial Holdings invests in financial institutions in emerging markets with a focus on Business and Consumer banking.

Fullerton India personal loan do not require any guarantor or collateral/security. The most striking feature of loan availed from Fullerton India is that the borrower can utilize the loan for any personal purpose without any restrictions. The funds availed can be utilized for meeting the medical expenses or expenses on foreign trips, home renovations or for any other miscellaneous purposes.

Fullerton India offers personal loans to its existing customers with a host of benefits and facilities which include competitive interest rates and easy payment tenures which can extend up to the period of 48 months. 


What is a personal loan?

Expenses have taken a toll on the normal finances of every individual and some of the basic financial requirements like providing for a child’s education or meeting an emergency medical crisis proves to be difficult. Individuals do not like to forego their hardly accumulated savings on these personal expenses and a personal loan comes to their rescue. To meet expenses of personal or business related uses, banks and other Non-Banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs) issue personal loans to individuals. These loans can be used to meet a medical expense which arises suddenly, meeting marriage related expenses, business related expenses like meeting working capital requirements, taking a vacation, meeting the children’s education expenses, etc.

Mostly offered as unsecured loans, personal loans are the easiest available loans which ask for minimal documents and come with easy terms and conditions. No security or collateral needs to be pledged for applying for the loan as the loan is made available after judging the applicant’s repayment capacity. In terms of eligibility requirements, the loans are easily available to both self-employed and salaried individuals provided they meet the prescribed minimum income criteria laid down by banks and financial institutions.

A point to note here is that some personal loans offered by banks and NBFCs are issued only to salaried individuals and other personalized types of personal loans are developed for businessmen or professionals like doctors, chartered accountants, etc. the rate of interest charged on the loan is a bit on the higher side because the loan is an unsecured loan where the banks and financial institutions face a high probability of default and thus need to be compensated for taking such high risks.


Features of Fullerton India Personal Loan

  • No requirement of any collateral or hypothecation of any assets to avail a Fullerton India Personal Loan.
  • Maximum Fullerton India personal Loan amount is 20 lakhs for salaried and 30 lakhs for self- employed person. This however depends of the customer profile and other financial parameter which is duly explained by the relationship manager from Fullerton India while processing the loan.
  • The tenor ranges from 12 months to 48 months.
  • Much cheaper than withdrawing cash loan on credit card.
  • Additional benefits available to those who have existing relationship with Fullerton India. Adding delight to its existing customer Fullerton offers top up facility on the existing principal outstanding

Fullerton Personal Loan Eligibility

The eligibility requirements are:

  • The applicant should be at least 21 years of age.
  • The age of the applicant should not be more than 65 years.
  • It is available for salaried individuals as well as self-employed resident individuals with a regular income.
  • The applicant must be earning more than the minimum income required for Fullerton India personal loan.

The Fullerton loan amount eligibility is based on the following factors:

  • The minimum monthly income required of an individual is Rs.12000.
  • The maximum personal loan allowed is Rs.15 lakhs.
  • If the person is paying EMI’s of the other banks also this lowers his eligibility of availing the desired loan amount.

But the applicant can increase and improve his personal loan amount eligibility for availing the desired loan amount by following these steps:

  • Paying off his credit card bills on and before the due dates.
  • The applicant should always opt for longer tenure for Fullerton India personal loan repayment that is more than 4 years.

The Fullerton India offers personal loan for its women customers. The following are the eligibility criteria for them:

  • Women from urban, rural or semi-urban areas can apply for the loan.
  • The special interest rates are made available to the women customers which is 2 % lower than the existing base rates.
  • The maximum loan amount for Fullerton personal loan is Rs.10 lakhs.
  • The maximum loan repayment tenure is 48 months or 4 years.

Fullerton India Personal Loan Interest Rate

Interest rate may vary from 20% to 49% per annum. The Rate of interest offered by Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd is as per the prevailing market trends, yet competitive compared to most of the market players. The interest rates are indicative only and the final rate being offered would vary and calculated on the basis of below mentioned points.

  • Profile of Customers
  • Tenure of the Loan
  • Geography of residence
  • Nature of Collateral (If provided)
  • Prior / existing relationship with Fullerton India.

*Interest rates are subject to change at any point of time at the sole discretion of FICCL

Must ReadPersonal Loan Interest Rates Impacted by 4 Factors

Interest rates (Monthly reducing balance)

20% to 49% per annum

Processing fees

1.5% to 6% of the loan amount.

Loan tenure

1 year to 4 years

Pre-closure charges

7% of the principal outstanding (plus ST) up to 1 month.5% of principal outstanding (plus ST) from 18 to 23 months.3% of the principal outstanding (plus ST) from 24 to 35 months. No pre-closure charges applicable afterwards.

Guarantor requirement

No guarantor required.


  • Customers are allowed to foreclose the loan post 6 Months. The charges are as below.

Foreclosure Charges

Fullerton India Personal Loan

Within 6 months from the Agreement Date


Within 7 months to 17 months from the Agreement Date


Within 18 months to 23 months from the Agreement Date


Within 24 months to 35 months from the Agreement Date


After 36 months from the Agreement Date



Illustration showing the interest and EMI calculation under both salaried and self-employed types of Fullerton India personal loan:




Interest rate on the loan

The interest rate is from 17.25% to 35%.

The interest rate ranges from 20 % to 33.50%.


The lowest EMI for the loan taken.

The lowest EMI is Rs.2898 per lakh.

The lowest EMI is Rs.3043 per lakh.


Tenure of the loan

The loan tenure can be from 12 months to 48 months.

The loan tenure ranges from 12 months to 48 months.

Loan amount

The minimum loan amount is RS.100000 and maximum is 1500000.

Minimum RS.1500000 and the maximum is Rs.5000000.

Processing fees on the loan

The processing fee is from 2.5% to 6%.

The processing fee is 2%.


Age for availing the loan

The minimum age should be 21 years and maximum can be 58 years.

The minimum age should be 27 years and maximum 65 years.

Part pre-payment charges

Pre-payment of loan is not allowed.

Allowed only after the payment of 6 EMI’s. prepayment varies by months up to 17 months-7%

18 to 23 months it is 5%,24 to 35 months it is 3%.


Early foreclosure charges

The foreclosure of loan is allowed after 12 EMI’s, 4% pre-payment charges are applicable.

Allowed after 6 EMI’s. Pre-payment charges vary by months.

Up to 17 months-7%.

18-23 months-5%.

24-35 months-3%.

Loan Fees & Charges for Fullerton India personal loan

Product Type

Fullerton India Personal Loan

EMI on delaying payment, Interest ( per month of delay, every month)

0.75% per month on the outstanding principal loan amount

Collection of Cheque/Cash (per collection)


Cheque /ECS dishonored Charges (per dishonor of cheque/ECS per presentation)


Swap Charges for replacement of Post-dated cheques to ECS (per instance)


Swap Charges- for replacement of ECS to ECS (per instance)


Loan Cancellation charges (loan cancelled before first EMI)


Document Retrieval Charges/copy of Property/Loan Agreement papers /List of Documents


Duplicate NOC/ NOC Revalidation


Processing Fees

Up to 6.5% of the Loan Amount


The documents required for personal loans from Fullerton India by salaried persons are:

  • Latest passport sized photograph
  • Proof of identity
  • Address Proof
  • Age proof
  • Bank statements
  • Form 16.
  • for last 3 years
  • Processing fees cheque.

The documents required for the self-employed are:

  • Latest passport sized photograph
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Bank statements
  • Age proof
  • Profit and loss statement for last three years.
  • ITR statements of last 3 years.
  • Cheque for processing fee

Online Credit Information Report

  • In one of its kind service, Fullerton India Allows its customer to have the access of their credit Information credit/loan history, including identity information, credit accounts, loans, payments, recent enquiries and credit score. Credit score is basically the statistical depiction of the repayment track of any credit facility such as loan or credit card availed. This is one of the most critical benchmark of any loan sanction process.

Obtaining Credit Information Report Online through Fullerton India

  • Login to > On the right hand side select Credit Information Report Online>
  • A new Window would pop up (Customer should ensure the POPUP BLOCK is activated) > Fill up the requite details of registered phone number and Loan Account Number and submit.

Points to be noted:

The Credit Bureau Report is in partnership with Experian ad applicable only for existing Fullerton India loan customers

Customer shall receive the credit information report on mail only if any email id is registered against the loan account number. In case no email id is updated, customers have to download the same and save in their computer. Under No circumstances, the hard copy shall be sent via post/ courier.

Other Value Add Services

  • Online Payment – Fullerton India offers its customer to pay Online the outstanding payments on any Loans availed from Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd. This service is offered in partnership with Bill Desk

How to pay online

Login to > Select Personal Loan from product tab > Select ‘Pay online’ option   > Read terms & conditions > Once agreed submit ‘I AGREE’ tab > The site redirects to the form page where requisite details have to be filled up > Post Submission the page redirects to the partner payment gateway.

Some important points to note for online payment

  • This facility is not supposed to be used for making bulk/ lump sum payments. This facility is intended only for making the EMI payments.
  • In case of any difficulty or Issue in making the EMI payment through preferential mode, this facility may be availed as well.
  • For making any payment towards any charges such as Late Payment or Cheque bounce charge, separate transactions should be made for Charges of different nature.
  • All payments made online shall be credited in the respective loan account within two working days..
  • Customers may seeks further information or any assistance by dialing the Help line no : 1800 103 6001
  • For cases wherein any excess payment has been made, Fullerton India may settle the same against any future EMI payment.

Why Choose Fullerton India Personal Loan


    The Fullerton India offers personal loans with a high quantum to the eligible applicants. The maximum amount of loan offered by Fullerton India to its borrowers is Rs.20 lakhs to the salaried individuals and Rs.30 lakhs to the self-employed individuals. The Fullerton India offers the highest quantum of loan compared to other financial institutions or companies or any other public sector banks in its grade.

    Fullerton India banks to offer personal loan on a very competitive rate of interest. Following a monthly reducing balance method the company ensures the maximum benefits to its borrowers through personal loans.

    Fullerton India has a large numbers of branches both in urban and rural sectors. Fullerton India assures that loan facilities should be easily accessed by all the citizens living in both urban and rural sectors.

    Fullerton India personal loans can be easily applied for through the online application process. The applicant can easily request for the loan with a minimal requirement for documents and quick loan is disbursed with a least processing time taken.

    Fullerton India provides special offers to their existing customers for pre-approved personal loans. Since Fullerton India has a large customer base who are associated with the bank either with the commercial loan, rural financing schemes, or with any financial assistance, they receive intimation from the bank related to the new products and offers available based on their past financial history.

    The person interested in availing the personal loan from Fullerton may not visit the branch personally or physically but can easily apply through online portal of the bank and the bank being satisfied with the applicant’s details and cross-checking all the parameters required can approve the loan within 4 weekdays to all the eligible customers.

    The Fullerton India offers many attractive discounts in processing fees as well as interest rates during the festival seasons so as to attract more and more customers and increase its shareholding in the financial market. The customers can easily make the most from the available discounts and offers to meet their personal requirement.

Fullerton India Advantage Personal Loan

  • Fullerton India Personal Loans aims to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. Be whatever kind of expense it is – whether planned such as vacation, marriage, education or any unplanned or unexpected expense such as medical exigency, Fullerton India Personal Loan is available to stand with its consumer.
  • The Simplified documentation process and complete handholding till the disbursement of loan, the admirable customer service ensures , one may get the finance is least possible time frame.

Modes of Application

  • One may reach through multiple modes for applying for a Fullerton India personal loan.
  • Apply Fullerton India personal loan online:
  • These days it has become extremely easy for the customers to apply for this personal loan online. The customer can visit to apply for Fullerton India personal loans in few easy steps.
  • The customer needs to do is to log onto and go to the loan section select personal loans and he will be landed on the following page. Here the customer will be required fill up his personal details like name, address, and the contact details. The customer is also required to give the information about the loan he/she is willing to take, amount of loan required, duration of loan, monthly net income, any overdue loans.
  • The bank based on the information and personal loan requests given by the customer will be provided with the various options where he can compare the various parameters and choose the best suitable option for himself.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques. Who can eligible of applying for a Fullerton India personal loan?

Ans. The salaried as well as self-employed individuals can avail Fullerton personal loan.

Ques. What is the maximum Fullerton India personal loan amount I can avail?

Ans. A person can avail a loan amount up to Rs.20 lakhs if he is salaried and Rs.30 lakhs if he is a self employed person. The actual loan amount is calculated on the income level and other parameters set by the Fullerton.

Ques. What is the maximum and minimum loan tenure I can avail?

Ans. The borrower can repay the Fullerton personal loan within 12 months to 48 months.

Ques. How much would I need to repay every month?

Ans. At the time of availing the loan the bank will calculate EMI for Fullerton India personal loan based on the interest rate for personal loan, the loan tenure, and the loan amount sanctioned.

Ques. Can I foreclose or prepay the Fullerton India personal loan?

Ans. Yes, you can pre pay the loan after a minimum period of 6 months.

Ques. If I have availed a Fullerton India loan before, then what are the additional advantages I can get?

Ans. If you are an existing customer of Fullerton India then you may get a faster processing of the loan, and also in the Fullerton India personal loan interest rates. The existing customer is also eligible for a Top-up loan on the already existing overdue Principal amount.

Ques. In times of sudden need of cash, can I avail instant cash through a cash advance which is available on my credit card?

Ans. Availing a cash advance on the credit card seems to be an easy option but it is a very costly affair if the amount is not paid quickly and on time. Credit card cash withdrawal interest rates can go up to 40% and also you don’t get any interest free period. The bank charges interest from the time of withdrawal of money through credit card. And also has an additional charge for the same.

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