Loan Against Property

Fullerton India is a non banking finance company and is a subsidiary body of Fullerton Financing Holdings Pte. Ltd. It launched its commercial operations in India in January 2000. A Fullerton India property loan is to help the customers to meet their financial needs.

Loan against property as the name implies refers to a loan given or disbursed against any kind of property (residential or commercial) through a mortgage. This loan is generally given as a certain percentage of the property’s market value which is usually around 40% to 60%. Financial lending institutions have seen a strong growth in the loan against property market over the years. Whether it is banking establishments or non banking institutions, both have logged double and even triple digit year on year growth in recent times.

Loan against property offered by Fullerton India is tailored for those who are in need of quick financial aid. The product not only caters to the needs of an individual who wants to unleash the true value of their property but also refrain people to sell-off their hard earned asset in the need of hour. Customers may avail this loan by mortgaging their existing property and meeting their financial requirement.

Why Loan Against Property?

A loan against property from Fullerton India can be taken for the following needs:

  • Expanding your existing business or starting a new business
  • Sending your children for higher studies from India or abroad
  • Planning and funding your dream vacation
  • Funding your children wedding
  • Funding medical treatments
  • Buying new properties, now you can also purchase new property with the money received as a loan from Fullerton India

The Key Features of Loan Against Property from Fullerton India are

  • A loan from Fullerton India is a multipurpose loan which can be availed for all your personal and business needs. The best thing about this loan against property is that it can even be taken for purchase of new property.
  • Various loan schemes under one umbrella to cater every possible needs. Prospective customer may choose from more than 10 types of product offering as per their requirements and aptness.
  • Higher payback tenor of maximum 15 years or up to the age of 65 of the borrower at the time of maturity of loan. This gives customers an extra benefit of lower EMI amount, since the tenor is quite high as compared to other modes of finances such as personal loan or gold loan.
  • Portability option to transfer the existing loan against property from any other lender with enhanced amount and that too at lower rate of interest.
  • Customers get to unleash the true value of their property as the higher loan to value ratio (LTV) offered in Fullerton is quite higher than other competitors.
  • Wide span of branches in both urban and semi urban centre across India ensures that all prospective borrowers are dealt in a hassle free way. Being located in more than 31 locations across India makes Fullerton India a more reliable source for these loan products.
  • Loan amount is sanctioned to a maximum of 70% of the market value and 60 % of the market value in the cases of residential and commercial properties respectively. A loan amount of between Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 3.5 crore is offered in Fullerton India. Additionally the loan amount in selected cities is as high as Rs. 5 crore.
  • The mortgaged security must be non-encumbered residential property, non-agriculture urban landed property, industrial or commercial property under the ownership of the borrower (self-occupied/spouse).
  • Disbursement of loan amount happens post sanction of the loan and after verification of legal and financial aspects of the borrower and property, the loan amount is directly disbursed into the customer’s bank account.
  • The said property should be insured up to the full market value under general insurance for any untoward event such as fire, flood, cyclone, typhoon, lightning, explosion, riot, earthquake risks, etc.

Interest Rate

Loan liability and Interest rate may vary between 13.00% and 15% per annum. The Rate of interest is as per the prevailing market trends, yet competitive compared to most of the market players. The interest rate is calculated on daily basis and charges in the monthly EMI proportionally. The interest rates are indicative only and the final rate being offered would vary and calculated on the basis of following factors:

  • Profile of Customers
  • Tenure of the Loan
  • Place of Residence
  • Nature of Collateral (If provided)
  • Prior / existing relationship with Fullerton India.


*Interest rates are subject to change at any point of time at the sole discretion of FICCL

Fees and Charges

Charge Type


Delayed EMI Payment Interest ( per month of delay, every month)

As stated under additional interest charge*

Collection of Cheque/Cash (per collection)


Cheque /ECS dishonoured Charges (per dishonour of cheque/ECS per presentation)

Rs. 30/-

Swap Charges- for replacement of Post-dated cheques to ECS (per instance)

Rs. 500/-

Swap Charges- for replacement of ECS to ECS (per instance)

Rs. 500/-

Loan Cancellation charges (loan cancelled before first EMI)

Rs. 5000/-

Document Retrieval Charges/copy of Property/Loan Agreement papers /List of Documents


Duplicate NOC/ NOC Revalidation


Processing Fees

An amount not exceeding Three (3) per cent of the Loan Amount sanctioned


Foreclosure Charges

Foreclosure Charges

Loan Against Property

Within 6 months from the Agreement Date


Within 7 months to 12 months from the Agreement Date


Within 13 months to 24 months from the Agreement Date


Within 25 months to 60 months from the Agreement Date


Within 61 months to 84 months from the Agreement Date


After 84 months from the Agreement Date



Part Pre-Payment Charges

The part payments in loan against property in Fullerton India is allowed only once in a financial year. The charges levied depend on the months post sanction of loan. The charges are as


Months post Disbursal of loan

Loan Against Property

0-24 months


25-60 months


61 and above months



The list of requisite documents is quite comprehensive and thus makes the whole process hassle free. For Any doubt or clarification, customers do have their relationship manager standing right beside them to assist at any point of time.

Salaried Employees

  • Application form with photograph
  • Identity and residence proof
  • Latest salary-slip
  • Form 16
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Title Documents of the property, Approved Plan for the property

Self Employed Professionals

  • Application form with photograph
  • Identity and residence proof
  • Education Qualifications Certificate and proof of business existence
  • Income Tax Returns of the last 3 years (self and business)
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet of the last 3 years Bank statements of the last 6 months
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Title Documents of the property, Approved Plan for the property

Self Employed Businessman

  • Application form with photograph
  • Identity and residence proof
  • Education Qualifications Certificate and proof of business existence
  • Income Tax Returns of the last 3 years (self and business)
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet of the last 3 years Bank statements of the last 6 months (self and business)
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Title Documents of the property, Approved Plan for the property.

Online Credit Information Report

In one of its kind service, Fullerton India Allows its customer to have the access of their credit Information credit/loan history, including identity information, credit accounts, loans, payments, recent enquiries and credit score. Credit score is basically the statistical depiction of the repayment track of any credit facility such as loan or credit card availed. This is one of the most critical benchmark of any loan sanction process.

Points to be noted:

The Credit Bureau Report is in partnership with Experian ad applicable only for existing Fullerton India loan customers

Customer shall receive the credit information report on mail only if any email id is registered against the loan account number. In case no email id is updated, customers have to download the same and save in their computer. Under No circumstances, the hard copy shall be sent via post/ courier.

Important Terms & Conditions

  • The interest rate and yield for each of the loan product would be decided by the Asset Liability Management Committee (Empowered Committee) from time to time.
  • The rate of interest shall be determined based on the cost of borrowed funds, matching tenor cost, market liquidity, refinance avenues, offerings by competition, tenure of customer relationship, cost of disbursements( Cost of Fund). In addition to the cost of fund, the rate of interest shall further be determined based on inherent credit and default risk in the products and customer per se arising from customer segment, profile of the customers, professional qualifications, stability in earning and employment and repayment ability, overall customer yield, risk premium, nature and value of primary and collateral securities, past repayment track record of the customers, external ratings of the customers , industry trends, etc.
  • The interest rate for loan schemes availed by customers would be different from customer to customer depending upon consideration of any or combination of a few factors. Hence, the interest rate applied would be different from customer to customer and his/ her loans.
  • The annualized rate of interest would be intimated to the customer. The interest rates would be offered on fixed, floating, variable basis. In case of floating rate of interest, the interest rate would be reviewed and reset on quarterly basis.
  • Interest rates shall be intimated to the customers at the time of sanction/ availing of the loan and the equated instalments apportionment towards interest and principal dues shall be made available to the customer.
  • Interest changes would be prospective in effect and intimation of change of interest, if any, or other charges would be communicated to customers.
  • In case deemed fit, the Company may consider necessary moratorium for interest payment and repayment of principal with proper built in pricing.
  • In case of staggered disbursements, the rate of interest would be subjected to review and the same may vary according to the prevailing rate at the time of disbursement or as may be decided by the Company.
  • The interest rate, benchmark prime lending rate and other charges applicable from time would be hosted on website and updated from time to time.
  • Besides normal interest, the Company may collect penal interest / late payment charges for any delay or default in making payments of any dues. These penal interest / late payment charges for different products or facilities would be decided by the Company from time to time.
  • No claims for refund or waiver of such charges/ penal interest / additional interest would normally be entertained by the company and it is the sole discretion of the company to deal with such requests if any.
  • All processing / documentation and other charges recovered are expressly stated in the Loan documents. They vary based on the loan product, exposure limit, customer segment, geographical location and generally represent the cost incurred in rendering the services to the customers. The practices followed by other competitors in the market would also be taken into consideration while deciding the charges.
  • The interest rate models, benchmark prime lending rate (BPLR) and other charges applicable shall be reviewed by the Empowered Committee periodically and suitable recommendations will be made to the Board.
  • All charges mentioned above are exclusive of Service Tax and the borrower shall be liable to pay Service Tax as applicable. Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd ("FICCL") reserves the right to revise the above charges from time to time and any change in the rates/charges etc. would be displayed on the company website and intimated under "Loan Charges".
  • Any unbanked/unused cheques of the Borrower(S) as issued in favour of FICCL with regard to the loan and presently in custody of FICCL will be cancelled and/or destroyed immediately after closure of the loan either by way of maturity or prepayment of loan and/or otherwise without any further notice.
  • Refunds towards any excess monies paid will only be applicable if the refund amount is greater than INR 250/-. Further, if the refund is required to be effected by means of a cheque, processing charges of INR 100 shall be payable.
  • All payments made towards Loan account via Cheque/DD, to be made payable to 'Fullerton India Credit Company Limited'

Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

 Now you can easily calculate EMI on property loan at the lowest interest rate with the help of loan against property EMI calculator by visiting

Getting Loan from Fullerton India is Cost-Effective

  • The loan against property application process involves due diligence as far as the property is concerned, assessment of its value and offering of up to 70% of the property value as loan
  • Property loan is a secured loan as you are offering your property as collateral. This means you can get a higher amount as compared to an unsecured loan
  • A property loan from Fullerton India is also great option since the tenure for these loans is longer than those of personal loans, which offer a maximum term of five years
  • Generally, interest rate on loan against property fluctuates between 12% and 16% making it cheaper than any other loans. Home loan is the only loan that is less expensive than a loan against property.

How to pay online

  • Login to
  • Select Loan against property from product tab
  • Select ‘Pay online’ option
  • Read terms & conditions
  • Once agreed submit ‘I AGREE’ tab
  • Post Submission the page redirects to the partner payment gateway

Apply for loan against property from Fullerton India online

  • Login to
  • Select Loan against property from product tab
  • Select apply online option
  • Fill up the requisite details.

Once done and the page is submitted, the concerned sales team would get in touch with the customer.

This online avenue of loan against property scheme is free from various administrative hurdles. It gives you the joy of banking from the comfort zone of your home or office. The online loan application process is simple and helps customers save their precious time and energy.

Some Important Points to note for Online Payment

  • This facility is not supposed to be used for making lump sum payments. This facility is intended only for making the EMI payments.
  • In case of any difficulty or Issue in making the EMI payment through preferential mode, this facility may be availed as well.
  • For making any payment towards any charges such as Late Payment or Cheque bounce charge, separate transactions should be made for Charges of different nature.
  • All payments made online shall be credited in the respective loan account within two working days.
  • For cases wherein any excess payment has been made, Fullerton India may settle the same against any future EMI payment.
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