I hereby appoint Paisabazaar as my authorised representative to receive my credit information from the EQUIFAX bureau partner.

I hereby unconditionally consent to and instruct the above bureaus to provide my credit information to me and Paisabazaar on a month to month basis. I understand that I shall have the option to opt out/unsubscribe from the service.


Paisabazaar Marketing and Consulting Private Limited


I Mr./Ms. -------------------- ---------------------residing at ------------------------ ----------------------------------------do hereby authorise Paisabazaar Team ,to do all acts on my behalf as may be necessary including to execute/sign application(s),make payment of applicable fees* and generally to all other acts as may be necessary to receive,on my behalf and at my request,my Credit Information Report(CIR) from Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited("Equifax") at the following address/email id:

I hereby confirm that all the powers hereby conferred may be exercised by officer(s) or manager(s) / agent(s) / employees of the Paisabazaar who is duly authorized by the Paisabazaar.

I hereby confirm,agree,undertake and accept that I shall at all times be solely responsible for all the above actions and omissions of the Paisabazaar shall be binding on me as though such actions had been carried out by me directly. I further confirm that my CIR shall be used only for the purpose as mentioned in the attached standard terms and conditions and I shall be solely liable for,and indemnify and hold harmless Equifax for and against,any and all third party claims or damages or proceedings of any kind,arising from or in connection with(a) any misrepresentations,incorrect information or omission of any critical information in my application,or(b) furnishing my CIR based on this authorization letter,and shall not at any time hold Equifax or its affiliates and their respective officers,directors,employees or representatives liable in this respect.

I hereby also confirm that I have only appointed Paisabazaar to be my authorized agent/representative for collection of my CIR.

I undertake to keep Equifax intimated and informed at all times,of any renewals or termination of the authorization to Paisabazaar or any amendments,modifications or changes in the terms governing the obligations or my relationship with Paisabazaar.

I shall at all times co-operate with Equifax and execute and deliver to Equifax such instruments and documents and take such other actions as may be required by Equifax from time to time in connection with this authority letter.

By signing on this authorization letter,I hereby acknowledge and accept the Standard Terms and Conditions mentioned above.