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How to Apply, Track and Retrieve PAN Card

Have Two PAN Cards

PAN or permanent Account Number is a unique number that is allotted to every entity that pays tax and does investments. This entity can be any individual or an organisation or a local body. This number contains the financial history of the entity and the data is stored with the IT department.

How to Apply for a PAN Card online?

You can apply for a new PAN card only when you never applied for a PAN card before. You can visit the IT website to check whether a PAN number has been allotted to you or not. Applicants can apply for the PAN card online by clicking the following link:

  • There are three application types that the user can fill-up: Form 49A (new PAN card for Indian citizen), Form 49AA (new PAN card for foreign nationals) and the last one for changes or correction in the existing PAN card or reprint of the PAN card.
  • The user has to fill the category of the entity for which the PAN card is being applied for. These entities include: individuals, association of persons, body of individuals, company, trust and others.
  • The next part of the application is about the Applicant’s information that has to be filled by the applicant with due diligence.
  • Once the form is submitted, the applicant gets a token number which is also sent to the user’s email address.
  • The user gets three options to submit PAN application documents: Submit digitally through e-KYC & e-Sign (Paperless), Submit scanned images through e-sign and forwarding application documents physically.
  • The user then needs to fill his personal and other details in the next couple of steps.
  • The user then has to fill the area details and select the AO code from the dropdown list.
  • The user has to submit the proof of identity, the proof of address and the proof of date of birth and sign the declaration before submitting the form.
  • Once the form is submitted, the applicant has to pay a nominal fee (Rs107.00 (93.00 + 15% service tax)) for processing of the PAN card through demand draft, debit/credit card, net banking, etc., if the communication address is within India. In case the address of communication is outside India, the user has to pay a processing fee of  Rs 994.00 [(Application fee 93.00 + Dispatch Charges 771.00) + 15% service tax]
  • Once the payment is confirmed, the user will get an acknowledgement number. This acknowledgement needs to be printed and the applicant needs to put his signature/thumb impression along with two passport size coloured photographs.
  • This acknowledgement, along with other documents need to be sent to NSDL at 'Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8,Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411 016'
  • After the process gets completed, the applicant will receive his PAN card at his address by post.

Whom to contact in case of a query?

In case there is any query, the applicant can reach out to the NSDL officials at:

  • PAN/TDS Call Centre– 020 – 27218080
  • Fax: 020-27218081
  • E-mail:
  • SMS NSDLPAN < space> 15 digit Acknowledgement No. & send to 57575 to obtain application status
  • Write to: INCOME TAX PAN SERVICES UNIT (Managed by NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited), 5th Floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8,Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411 016.

How to Check the PAN Card Status online?

To check the status of your PAN card online, go to the following website:

Select the application type (PAN or TAN). You can either enter your acknowledgement number or your complete name and date of birth and click the submit button.

A list of acknowledgement numbers will appear for the relevant combination of the name and the date of birth and the applicant can choose his acknowledgement number form these numbers and check the status of the card.

How to Apply for a Duplicate PAN Card online?

Duplicate PAN card is issued in case the original PAN card is either lost or stolen. The user can apply for a duplicate PAN card at the following website:

  • The applicant can choose Reprint of PAN card in the application type and fill the form step by step and submit it.
  • Once the form is submitted, the applicant has to make the payment. The process and the amount are similar to that of the new PAN card.

How to make changes in your PAN Card?

There are instances when the details provided in the PAN card application form changes. Details like the permanent address, office address, mobile number or the email address may change with time. It is very important to get these changes updated in the PAN card to avoid any confusion in future. To make changes or corrections in the PAN card, the user can fill a separate form at

  • The applicant has to select the Changes or Correction in the existing PAN data option and fill the form and submit it.
  • The user has to input the updated details which is correct to the best of his knowledge. He will have to provide relevant documents in support of his declaration.
  • Once the details are updated, he will have to make the payment similar to the above options.
  • The card would be delivered to the applicant within a month’s time.
  • The applicant can check the status of his application form at the above mentioned website by just entering his acknowledgement number.

How is verification of PAN Card done?

There are a number of places where we need to update our PAN number. Sometimes, people knowingly or unknowingly, enter incorrect PAN number. In order to prevent any confusion, the IT Department has provided a medium for everyone to check the authenticity of the PAN number. The PAN card details can be verified by entering the concerned PAN number on the following website:

The user has to enter the PAN number and click on the submit button. The website provides the following details:

  • PAN number and type
  • Name
  • Area Code
  • Jurisdiction
  • Address
  • AO Type
  • Range Code
  • AO Number

A maximum of 10 PAN numbers can be searched at a time on the website.

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