Offers for Fuel

Fuel credit cards, going by the name, are the cards that are offered to customers to make payment for petrol, diesel and gasoline at gas stations across the country. These cards gives you credit period along and no credit cost is involved in the transactions. Fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% is provided to the customer in many cases. Card holders can also accumulate reward points on their spending and redeem them in lieu of discounts and other rewards.

Indian Oil Citibank Credit Card:

Indian Oil, the country’s largest oil marketing company and Citibank, world’s banking giant, offer this credit card in collaboration with each other. The card is specifically designed for making fuel payments. You can use the card at no extra cost i.e. there is no surcharge applicable on the card. One can also accumulate reward points which can be used to buy free fuel at Indian Oil fuel stations across the country. There is however a monthly cap on this feature.

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card:

Card holder gets 5% cash back when card is used for refuelling your vehicle at any petrol pump across the country. The offer is valid across all petrol pumps and not particular to any particular vendor like other cards. Customer gets 2.5% surcharge waiver and 2.5% as cash back. Please check the monthly cap limits on this card as these offers are liable to change periodically. 

ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa Credit Card:

This credit card is offered by ICICI Bank in collaboration with HPCL. It is designed to help people deal with rising cost of fuel and embedded with other benefits that enhances lifestyle. A waiver of fuel surcharge (2.5%) and cash back of 2.5% is provided to the card holder when card is being used for refueling at HPCL gas stations. There is a monthly cap limit of the fuel transaction benefit and only transactions up to Rs. 4,000 qualify for the fuel benefit.

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